Jeff is a member of the recovery community and is grateful for his 30 plus years of sobriety. His personal struggles with addiction and the miracles he has witnessed over the past 30 years have a real-time affect on his management philosophy and decision making. He is active in the recovery community and devotes several hours each week to giving back to others in need. Jeff actively works with other men seeking counsel to stem the tide of their personal addictions. He believes we are meant to serve rather than be served, and organizes his efforts accordingly.

His enthusiasms include traveling, golf, cinema, time with his family, writing, photography, and fellowship with others. He believes in the power of storytelling. He is a sought-after speaker and member of the speaking team at CrossTrainers ( He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Change Course ( and Brandon McNace Ministries. Below the surface Jeff has the mind of a businessman and the heart of an artist. His long term goal is to fit himself to be of maximum use to God and others.

On the surface Jeff Johnson is an accomplished CEO with over 23 years of experience running a successful 4th generation family business ( He is a devoted husband to his wife of 25 years, Danielle, and loving father to his exceptional children Meredith, Noah, Hannah and Emmett. From growing up in a small town in southern Iowa to enjoying the success of a life well lived, Jeff believes that it’s not the final achievement that counts as much as the character built along the journey.

Jeff has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa and is a life-long learner. His personal studies are in the areas of business development, personal growth, leadership, and specifically Christian Apologetics. Jeff attended the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics in 2016 where he was able to study with some of the world’s most notable scholars. He is returning to the Saiid school at Oxford University in 2023 to complete his studies in Executive Leadership. He is an avid reader and a lover of fiction and non-fiction literature.