Rainy Tree

Wednesday Wanderings

It has been raining for a few days now, making me wonder where (and how) I’d wander for this week’s photo. Yesterday afternoon, I decided I was going to look for a puddle with a great reflection to photograph.

After finishing up with a meeting, I sat in my car for about twenty minutes in the parking lot of this business – trying to figure out where to go. The longer I sat there, the harder it rained. Then it hit me. I looked out my windows, and noticed how the tiny little rain drops were gathering on the side windows of my car. I was blown away by the beauty currently surrounding me (a few inches from my eyes), even though I was thinking I needed to be somewhere else.

If you look closely, you’ll see the little upside-down trees in each drop.

When the days are dark and dreary, so many people tend to get mad, sad or just a bit grumpy – I completely understand.

For me though, I see them differently – I see cloudy days as blessings. Not only for the much-needed rain we receive, but also as a reminder of how brilliant the sunshine really is.

We are quick to complain about the weather or being hungry or cold. When really, we are so fortunate to be able to throw on a sweater or a coat when we’re cold – or to cook a meal or warm up some leftovers when we’re hungry. Sometimes though, we forget how big these little things really are. If we aren’t able to get to warmer clothes for hours, or go without a meal for a long period of time – aren’t we even more thankful than usual for the clothes and the food? I’d say so. Then I am reminded of those less fortunate than us. There are many people around the world wanting just a tiny portion of what we take for granted. A warmer piece of clothing. A warm meal – or any meal at all. A clean drink of water.

It’s so easy to get down about the little things, but we need to change our view and celebrate the big things. When we go days without sunshine, it’s even more wonderful when the clouds finally drift away – revealing the vivid blue skies. I think these things are all gentle reminders to me (and maybe others) to be thankful for ALL we have – and to pray for others: people with different view points than us, those with different talents, those less fortunate.

Where are you headed on your Wednesday Wanderings?

Have a beautiful day!

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