Lake Ahquabi Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday Wanderings

Lake Ahquabi

My Wednesday Wanderings this week took me to Lake Ahquabi – about 10 minutes south of Indianola, Iowa.

Lake Ahquabi Wednesday WanderingsLake Ahquabi Wednesday WanderingsLake Ahquabi Wednesday WanderingsWhen I wasn’t sure where to drive this week, I reached out to a fellow adventurer (he recently completed a project of visiting every county in Iowa). I knew he would be able to recommend some great spots, and I was right. One of his suggestions was Lake Ahquabi – thanks Zach! I plugged it in to my GPS and started driving.

There is something wonderful and exciting about going out on an adventure. I love discovering new places and finding beauty I’ve never seen before – especially here in Iowa. Sometimes people will ask me, “how do you do it?” They are wondering how I am able to get in my car and drive to a random place just to take pictures – and then they usually say, “I wish I could do that!”

Here’s the thing, ANYONE can do this! I had the idea of going on photo adventures in my head for several years before I actually took action and made it happen. One of the big reasons I finally made myself get in my car and drive (with no preset destination), was the location of where I live. There are big trees on all sides of me, except for a sliver of a view to the northeast. With my love of golden light, I knew I had to get in my car and start finding new places to capture sunsets. Sometimes my adventures take me to places with zero view of the sunset – while other places reveal the best views (and are sometimes found completely by accident). Sometimes it takes me multiple trips in the same direction to find a good spot – getting the timing and location just right.

These trips are freeing and uplifting and full of inspiration. They recharge my batteries. The challenge of finding artistic shots in a completely new environment helps me to grow my creativity. These trips make me feel brave.

This trip was also a reminder of how powerful our words can be. While I was out capturing these photos last night in this quiet and peaceful place, there was a group of young adults swimming in the lake. They were kids being kids – having a good time. I’m sure they were in their own little world, but I couldn’t help but hear their words as they laughed and joked around with each other. I’m not saying I’m better than they are because of their use of profanity – not at all. It was just so clear to me how powerful our words can be to others, especially when they aren’t even directed towards them.

I was talking with a friend about this and she said, “We tend to forget how loud our words are. And I don’t necessarily mean volume. Just meaning.” This is so true – I completely agree. To me, this was a great reminder: how much of an impact we have on our surroundings. We can be a source of light and love to others without even trying. Just the simple choice of using good words can make a big difference. I hope you are able to be a bright light to someone around you today without even knowing it.

What is your favorite park in the state of Iowa?

Happy wandering!

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