En route to Breckenridge Colorado Mountains Photography

Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday Wanderings: En Route

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we are so set on our final destination that we forget to pay attention while we are en route?

We have our eyes on the prize and forget to enjoy the journey we take to get there.

During my trip to Colorado, my hosts were so wonderful to plan photo-friendly activities each day (a big thank you to Ryan and Nora!). I had been to Colorado before, but never to Breckenridge. While I was so excited for this destination, my favorite part of the trip ended up being the travels TO and FROM Breckenridge – so gorgeous!

Don’t get me wrong – Breckenridge was beautiful! I would love to go back again and explore this quaint, little ski town even more. (And yes, I did snap quite a few photos in the short amount of time we were there.) However, I really enjoyed the moments where we’d suddenly pull over at random spots on the side of the road so I could hop out and try to capture the some of the amazing scenery. The photos below are just from our trip to Breckenridge – more to come from the way back.

Doesn’t this look like it could be a Bob Ross painting with a few of those happy little trees stuck right up in front?

En route to Breckenridge Colorado Mountains Photography En route to Breckenridge Colorado Mountains Photography

Even more photos: (click on a thumbnail and then arrow between images)

I’d love to hear of the different places that have inspired you – let me know!

Happy Wanderings!

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En route to Breckenridge, Colorado Mountains Photography

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