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Wednesday Wanderings

Garden of the Gods

This Wednesday Wanderings will be the first post from my trip to Colorado over the 4th of July – stay tuned for more photos!

Do you ever travel to new places and they completely inspire you? I’ve been to Colorado before, but it has been a long time and this trip took me to Colorado Springs for the first time. This trip was so inspiring – every time I turned around there was a new (and completely captivating) view.

One of the first places we visited was Garden of the Gods. We went Friday afternoon, but ended up getting rained out. We went back again on Sunday and it was a beautiful day!

Click on a thumbnail to view the gallery (arrow over to see the next photo):

Luckily we did not see any snakes – whew!!

I’d love to hear the different places that have inspired you – let me know!

Happy Wanderings!

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