My Living Letter Nora Faircloth

My Living Letter

Name: Nora Faircloth

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Favorite verse: “I have spoken these things to you so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.” – John 15:11 

Why this verse is important to Nora: Like so many verses of the Bible, this one has taken on new meaning to me a few different times. I’ll come across it in a study or hear it in a sermon and stop to reflect on what it meant to me then, and what it means to me now. It came up recently in a Beth Moore study I did called “Children of the Day”, which looks at Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. Beth says “We think of joy as a by-product but, in John 15:11, Christ described it more like the point.”

At the time I was also battling some strongholds Satan had on my heart in the areas of feeling inadequate and negative body image. I’d heard plenty of teachings about being a daughter of the King and honoring God when I appreciate the body he gave me. But this; that joy doesn’t come from accomplishing anything, it comes from God. We have it already. And when I can just be devoted to God’s call on my life then my joy will be complete, finished, not lacking. That broke me. I bring Him so much more joy than I can fathom just by being who he created me to be.

To quote Dr. Seuss “It came without presents. It came without tags. It came without ribbons or boxes or bags!” I know, that’s a different theme, but it’s true. You don’t gain joy when you earn a credential or you buy a certain brand or you reach a goal weight. I was given joy when I was woven in the womb and that joy is complete because it is the joy of Christ. And it is ready for me to give freely to others when I love them as Christ loves me.

Because that is the point. I will never be good enough for this world. But God has a plan for me that is beyond this world. And He’s given me everything I need to accomplish it. Including joy. Because He’s awesome like that.

When I look back on the last few years of trial and pain and heartbreak, I have joy. I don’t smile all the time, and I still tend to recluse myself when the hurt comes back, but I have joy. I get to love on some pretty incredible people from all different places in life, and so I have joy.

2 Responses to “My Living Letter”

  1. mac

    I LOVE Your Heart!
    “It came without presents. It came without tags. It came without ribbons or boxes or bags!” – That’s Salvation, & GODS never-ending Joy!
    Thanks for starting my day our with a LOL Chuckle )

  2. JR

    Nora, I needed to hear this today. Thank you for putting it so beautifully. God speed, sister.


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