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My Living Letter

Nicole Woodley

Teaching Pastor

Favorite Verse:
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” -2 Corinthians 5:17

Why this verse is important to Nicole:
I love this passage Because it reminds me that I am God’s creation, that through Jesus’ death and resurrection, I am always being made new, the new comes and comes and comes. If God had the power to create in the beginning out of absolutely nothing, how much more can he create out of what I offer to him on a daily basis? There is nothing too old, too broken down, too messed up, or too difficult that God can’t transform with his redemptive power and bring new life, light and Hope to!

I have to remind myself DAILY that my life is IN Christ, which means I am joined with him in his death and in his resurrection. And this death thing Paul is talking about is not just a one time event, but lots of little deaths and resurrections. People don’t like to talk about death, but I personally find it refreshing because in this case death means we continue to die to our own desires, our own plans, our own thoughts in order for God to make something great and new out of whatever we hand him.

My husband’s most recent handiwork is a great visual reminder of this passage for me! The pallet headboard! Pallet boards, as I was reminded of by the man in Grimes’ hardware store while trying to pick the right stain, is junk wood, not meant for making things. But my husband Grant created something beautiful and I love it! God is in the same business: bringing new life and creations out of things that were otherwise known as junk. There really is NO junk that God can’t transform in our lives into complete beauty if we allow him to.

As I enter the final four weeks of my cancer treatment I look back and see that although a cancer diagnosis was a raw deal and there seemed to be nothing good about it…God has done remarkable things to transform me through the experience. God has brought me closer to Him, closer to my friends and family, and given me more through the past year and a half than cancer could ever attempt to take away. “The new has come…the old has gone!”

My Living Letter – Artists and Writers 

2 Responses to “My Living Letter”

  1. Jeremy Z

    Don’t you just love God’s economy?? Cancer shouldn’t mean new life and greater love…..but with Him it does! Thank you for this testimony of His awesomeness Nicole. Your light shines brightly.

  2. Mandy Miller

    Love this, Nicole! Thanks so much for sharing. Such inspiring and beautiful words to inspire us… we can get through anything with God’s help. Thanks again!


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