My Living Letter Kelly Gau

My Living Letter

Name: Kelly Gau

Occupation: Artist

Favorite verse: “…And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20b

Why this verse is important to Kelly:
I have loved the Word of God forever and I have spent the past week really trying to decide weather or not I truly did have a verse that I relied on, loved dearly, and memorized completely. Apparently I have not just one, but many. Because this one didn’t come to me until this morning when I needed it most. This verse. The very last words of Jesus himself. The words that He spoke to his very own disciples to move them into action with all confidence.

And God places on my heart that which I cannot bear. Who is He to give me such a calling? Does he not know I am weak and feeble? My heart is tethered to this world in ways I would rather hide. To cope with life has become my mantra. On this day, the promise of Jesus’ presence is just too much to bear.

He sees everything.

He knows the state of my heart. The callous I have towards relationships in my heart. The quickness my heart falls away from His truth. He hears the deception and unfaithfulness that rolls off my tongue. He feels the full weight of my unbelief and I have no idea why He stays. To rely on the promise that “He is with me until the very end of the age.” is to me this day… daunting.

As I write this I am worn. Life has been a bit too much for me lately. A free spirit stuck inside the scheduled life of this world. My heart is weak and I know I am being compelled deeper into the one thing that is constant… Jesus.

I am an artist. I create just as He creates newness in my soul through the hard. Spending time in my studio I fight for clarity and rest. To hear his still small voice in the busy. I desperately want to not waste this season. My heart’s desire is to know Him more. I decide I need Him in the room despite my ugly self.

I press on — creating, cleaning, caring, and cheering and although my circumstances have not changed in the past few minutes, the hammering out of a little verse tucked deep inside the book of Matthew speaks life to my soul, and Jesus picks my spirits up and I commit to remember that He is with me and that’s a comforting, loving and motivating thing. I can move forward with all confidence knowing He is here always.

Thanks Giving Kelly Gau My Living Letter Photo credit: Jodie Bachtle Photography

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