Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair

It’s hard to believe the Iowa State Fair starts this week! We are very excited to announce a photo taken by Artists and Writers’ very own Jeff Johnson has been selected to be on display at this year’s Fair!

Stop by the Photography Salon in the newly renovated Patty and Jim Cownie Cultural Center at the 2014 Fair. For the first time in several years, the building’s third floor will be open to the public. The fully renovated floor – complete with air conditioning – will host new exhibit space for the Fair’s popular fine art and photography displays as well as daily programming on the new artists’ demonstration stage. In recognition of the Photography Salon’s 75th year, it will feature only black and white entries, including submissions in this year’s theme class saluting Ansel Adams.

Jeff’s photo captures beautiful light and reminds us there is art everywhere in God’s world.

Congratulations, Jeff!

Art is Everywhere Jeff Johnson Photography Welding Light


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