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Mandy Miller

Hello! My name is Mandy Miller. I’m a small-town Iowa girl thankful to be in the Midwest. When I say small-town Iowa – I really mean it. I grew up in a town of less than 250 people. I graduated from Iowa State University with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. While working as a graphic designer, I had a nudge to check into photography deeper than the photos I was taking with my little Canon point-and-shoot. I contacted a local photographer named Mindy Myers, and she was so kind to allow me to watch her shoot a wedding to really see what it was all about. (I also helped carry equipment for her that first day, as she was about to have another beautiful little girl.) The wedding went so well, I ended up assisting over a dozen weddings with Mindy that first summer. She has been the most incredible mentor to me and my photography, and an amazing friend – I am forever grateful.

I continued to grow in my photography by capturing people. I really enjoy meeting new people, and especially love working with kids. I see their expressions (mostly through their eyes) of joy, wonder, curiosity, excitement, and being so determined. I love capturing spontaneous moments as I follow them around with a camera – it’s so great to just let kids be kids. Another area of photography I really enjoyed shooting was live music. It helps when some of my best friends are full-time musicians (The Nadas), and have introduced me to so many wonderful people with great connections in the music business. Through some of these amazing friends of mine, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some pretty incredible musicians, including Katy Perry, The Ting Tings, NEEDTOBREATHE, Stephen Kellogg, Nicole Atkins, Sister Hazel and more.

While working as a designer for an incentive travel company, I was given the opportunity to travel the world to take pictures. Most of the time I was capturing the people on the trip, but I always found ways to capture the amazing scenery in between events. The photo trips took me to Argentina, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Costa Rica, Cancun, Jamaica and Maui. I believe these trips are truly what inspired my love for landscape photography.

I have been blessed with an eye to see the beauty in ordinary objects, situations and places – along with being completely blown away when I’m in a beautiful location. I have always been a positive person, but my photography has grown me in ways I never knew possible. I see the good in almost every situation – even when others can’t see it. Seeing the good, framing the shot, and capturing the vision for others to see – so blessed by this spiritual gift.

A few more things about me:
– I enjoy meeting new people.
– I have a good day when I learn something new.
– I love Instagram.
– I love to play piano.
– I love to sing… especially on the worship team at my church!
– I love Alpha, and would consider myself an Alphaholic.
– I can write upside-down, backwards and in cursive.
– I was in the Sears Tower at just the right time to see the lights turn on at Wrigley Field for the first time ever. The date was 8-8-88.

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