Lindsey Obermeier

Hi. My name is Lindsey. I’ve always been… a little different. It all began when I decided to enter the world on January 6th rather than my due date of March 23rd. Then there was the red hair and freckles, along with the boycotting of jeans—I wore stretch pants (with stirrups) for most of my childhood. Next were the nose ring and dreadlocks and then the mixing of freelance design while working for an independent record label while earning a degree in graphic design.

In general, I’m not one to take the road well traveled.

It’s because of this I decided to bypass applying for a full-time job after college and instead dove headfirst into the world of self-employment. With a small chunk of money saved and the knowledge of thrifty living obtained from college, I started my own design business. It proved to be by far more than a full-time job; it became my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In 2007, Creens came to be. What is Creens? Why choose such a name for my business? Creens is a word I made up with a handful of friends. It’s simple, not quite normal and hopefully sticks in one’s mind. That is what I strive to do in my design: keep it simple, keep it fresh and always be a little left of center.

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