Mandy Miller’s Portfolio

  • Colorful Reflection

    Lovely colors and light at Lake Ahquabi.

  • Under the Golden Dome

    A look up into the golden dome of the Iowa State Capitol Building.

  • Change Your View

    It’s always nice to change your view and look at things differently.

  • Shine

    Let the light shine through.

  • Full Bloom

    Des Moines in full bloom

  • Shine Your Light

    Magnificent light breaking through the leaves

  • Golden Light

    Golden sunset in an Iowa field

  • Maui Surf

    Stacked surfboards after a lesson off the Maui coast

  • Country Drive

    A peaceful spot just outside the busyness of the city.

  • Bonita Beach Sunset

    Sunset off Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida

  • Water Works Sunset

    A colorful sunset at Water Works Park in Des Moines

  • Countryside Sunset

    Sunset breaking through the huge, rolling and dramatic clouds

  • Water Works In Bloom

    Des Moines’ Water Works Park in full bloom

  • Manhattan Beach

    Sunset at the pier in Manhattan Beach

  • The Gap of Dunloe

    The Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry, Ireland

  • Central Sunset

    Reflections of the sunset on Central’s campus.

  • Siena

    A beautiful day in Siena, Italy

  • Capitol Bloom

    The trees around the Iowa State Capitol in full bloom

  • Adare Manor

    Adare Manor Hotel in Adare, Ireland

  • Rice Lake Sunset

    Simple beauty during sunset over Rice Lake.

  • Rainy Reflections

    The raindrops create tiny upside-down reflections with each drop.